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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Listen to Sweta Singh on 'Hot Line Idhar-Uthar Ki'

Listening Air FM Rainbow is totally different from other FM channels, it's quite unique by show wise and have you enjoyed any Radio Jockey of Rainbow? I used to listen Rama Panday, O. P. Rathore and Geeta, Sujata Mattu and many more But these names i can't forget at all.

Today, When i tuned in Air FM Rainbow on 102.6 MHz, I came to listen another voice whom i never listen before. Yeah, that voice is of 'Sweta Singh' in how 'Hot Line Idhar-Udhar ki' I was surprised as this show used to air around 12:00 to 2:00 PM and it's 10:00 AM ! I am not aware of the concept as why it's airing in the morning? there was two shows i used to listen in the morning named Sa Re Ga Ma and one more. Well listening her is like great! She is amazing with her voice and the topic she choose is very useful for people. They call her and appreciate her work, her voice, her style and of course her subject to talk over radio.

As of now i am listening to her and she is talking to people from all over India through phone, her fans calling her and talking to her. And what is most important is, songs. She choose amazing, stunning and lovely songs to entertain people. So all we can say that "Sweta Singh" you doing so good and please keep it up!

You people, be with Air FM Rainbow online, i will be back with another outstanding voice of Rainbow India.


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