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Monday, August 13, 2012

FM Rainbow, Broadcasting Now..24X7 Unlimited Music Fun

Now you have access to listen music direct from FM Rainbow's official website. They are offering such kind of music you may interested in. Here you need to go for the website and enjoy the music 24*7.

They aim to entertain their listener over the world. Air FM Rainbow and FM Gold is one of very popular and very old but with very new concepts are entertaining us from last two decades. Several other radio channel has lunched since Air Come to people's knowledge but still Rainbow is too popular as it is in reach of most of Indians. Which air in all over India.

Music is something that people enjoy and RJ's gossip that people love. It makes us to be with Radio, Even people thinks Radio is something they can carry everywhere they go. Air FM Rainbow has played an important role in our life since it comes to an indentity. Keep listening to Air FM Rainbow 102.6 Mhz.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Listen to Sweta Singh on 'Hot Line Idhar-Uthar Ki'

Listening Air FM Rainbow is totally different from other FM channels, it's quite unique by show wise and have you enjoyed any Radio Jockey of Rainbow? I used to listen Rama Panday, O. P. Rathore and Geeta, Sujata Mattu and many more But these names i can't forget at all.

Today, When i tuned in Air FM Rainbow on 102.6 MHz, I came to listen another voice whom i never listen before. Yeah, that voice is of 'Sweta Singh' in how 'Hot Line Idhar-Udhar ki' I was surprised as this show used to air around 12:00 to 2:00 PM and it's 10:00 AM ! I am not aware of the concept as why it's airing in the morning? there was two shows i used to listen in the morning named Sa Re Ga Ma and one more. Well listening her is like great! She is amazing with her voice and the topic she choose is very useful for people. They call her and appreciate her work, her voice, her style and of course her subject to talk over radio.

As of now i am listening to her and she is talking to people from all over India through phone, her fans calling her and talking to her. And what is most important is, songs. She choose amazing, stunning and lovely songs to entertain people. So all we can say that "Sweta Singh" you doing so good and please keep it up!

You people, be with Air FM Rainbow online, i will be back with another outstanding voice of Rainbow India.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let’s Listen AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 Online

Listen AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online from here that always with you wherever you go can listen music from you favorite AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 blog/website. This site is let you listen AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online on net while chatting with friends having headphone you can easily listen big online even during office hours you can also enjoy AIR FM Rainbow 102.6.

It’s gonna be rock coz all you AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 fans want it online and this website brings you the music of AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online. There is lot’s of other channel you can browse of. Get the media player or real player to play the song. Your computer must have installed WM player or Real player to play the whole channel.

To listen AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 you just need to come to this website and can listen over 1000 songs in a day. There is no limit to listen song. It would not stop at all. However, if it get stopped then simply press F5 or refresh the page to connect with AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 again. We love to have a great listener as you are, listen as much song as you can over this blog. Post your comments, reviews, tips or tricks.  

When listening AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online, just don’t forget to refer this website to your friend you can share it via,, and whatever social networking website you friendly with. Or tell to your friend directly that can make it easy to other to discover their AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online over Internet. 

Keep visiting and enjoy your loving AIR FM Rainbow 102.6 online with latest song and hot gossip.
Stay Tuned!